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Panorama Primary endeavours to perform its educational task by basing it on Christian standards and keeping it in accordance with the cultural values emulated by the community. It is our aim to help each learner discover and realise his/her full potential.




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Waarde Gedrewe
Laerskool Panorama Primary School
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Grade R and Grade 1 enrolments are open. Enrolments close on 25 June 2014

Program Term 2 (subject to change):
22.04: Gr 4-7 Parent Evening 14:00-20:00
23.04: Gr R Parent Evening
28.04: Public Holiday (no school)
29.04: School Holiday (no school)
30.04: School Holiday (no school)

01.05: Workers Day (Public holiday - no school)
02.05: School Holiday (no school)
05.05: All learners must wear their winter uniform
          as from today
06.05: Finance meeting
07.05: National Elections (no school)
09-10.05: Gr 4 Camp: Bergkroon
26,27,28.05: EXAM: Gr 4-6 Afr & Eng - Writing /  
          Trans Text/Comprehension
28+29.05: The Book People
29.05: Panorama Marathon
29.05: EXAM: Gr 7 Afrikaans Tran Teks & Skryf
30.05: EXAM: Gr 7 English Tran Text / Writing
03.06: EXAM: Gr 7 Technology 
04.06: EXAM: Gr 7 Life Orientation          
05.06: EXAM: Gr 7 Creative Arts 
                            Kreatiewe Kunste
06.06:EXAM: Gr 4-7 - English HL & FAL
09.06:EXAM: Gr 4-7 - Maths/Wisk 1 & 2
09.06: Finance Meeting
10.06:EXAM: Gr 4-7 - Afrikaans HT & EAT 11.06:EXAM: Gr 4-7 - SS: Geography
                                SW: Aardrykskunde
12.06:EXAM: Gr 4-7 - SS: History
                                SW: Geskiedenis
13.06:EXAM: Gr 4-6 - NST / NWT
                    Gr 7  NS / NW
16.06: Youth Day (Public holiday - no school)
17.06:EXAM: Gr 4-6 - Life Skills
                    Gr 7  EMS / EBW 
24.06: Gr 1-3 Parent Evening
27.06: Schools Close @ 11:00

Times of all extra-mural activities: sport, music, art, culture, chess, didactics, other:
Click on the second link from the top on the left hand side:- Extra-Mural Programme. 
(See sport fixtures under the Sport link)
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Sms and e-mail communication

Assembly: recognition of learner's achievements + photographs in foyer and newspaper

Parking and dropping off

Safety and security


WCED school calendar for 2014 Terms + Public holidays.pdf

Important Dates

Sport Summary for the week

Extra-Mural Programme 2014.pdf


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