Panorama Primary School




Our school’s BELL OF COMMITMENT was inaugurated in 2019 and stands proudly in our garden. A ceremony was held in honor of this new tradition.

Through the Bell-Ringing Ceremony at Panorama Primary School, the Grade 1 learner promises to ENTER Panorama Primary School to LEARN, through exposure to effective, efficient learning and age-appropriate skill development.

Through implementing the latest, most relevant learning and support materials and computer-assisted teaching, Panorama Primary School will ensure that each student receives the needed support to acquire the necessary KNOWLEDGE.

Panorama Primary School will instill in its learners the following values:

A learner who has completed Grade 7 at Panorama Primary School will ring the bell twice when leaving the school building.

The learner LEAVES Panorama Primary School in order to SERVE the school and community through the knowledge and values they acquired at Panorama Primary School.

As a collective effort of teachers and parents, Panorama Primary School believes that instilling core values in learners will lead to an unshakable faith- faith in oneself, faith in mankind, and faith in the Creator.