Principal's Introduction

  • I was born in Brackenfell and grew up in Parow. My primary school days were at Laerskool de Tyger and I matriculated at Hoërskool Tygerberg. Before I accepted this current position as Principal of Panorama Primary, I was fortunate to be the Deputy Head at Paarl Gymnasium. I believe in lifelong learning and that one should empower oneself in as many fields as possible, which is also the reason why I am currently completing my Master’s degree in Education. Panorama Primary is a phenomenal institution where everyone learns and plays in a diverse harmony. The personnel are a fantastic, positive team that strive to maintain and improve our high values and standards. We set high standards for our learners, offering them a variety of opportunities to empower themselves on different levels. We believe that each child’s potential should be fully developed and that he/she will one day be able to reflect on their school days as a wonderful journey, where they were able to develop their maximum potential. Our core business remains academic, but schools need to be balanced. Sport and Culture also play a main part in a child’s holistic education. It is important for you, as a parent, to motivate your child to participate in sport and cultural activities. It is not about the A-team or being Captain, but about the relationships and values that are built towards your child’s holistic development. We believe that at Panorama Primary, each learner, parent and teacher, should be happy. Parents play an important role in the education and support of their child and therefore, need to make time for their child. Your interest in your child gives him/her a firm foundation on which to build his/her character. At Panorama Primary, we teach our children the values of life and how important respect is. Once the children step outside the school, their first glance of the adult world should be “faith and knowledge” and only then will we know that we have been successful in creating a positive view on their lives. We challenge you; our teachers; our parents and our community, to be part of our commitment to being a successful school.

    Panorama Greetings

    Anton Mostert