Panorama Primary School





Panorama Primary School offers its learners various sport-driven activities to support the holistic education view of the child.

We also strive to maintain a high standard at all levels at Panorama Primary School: academic, sports, and cultural.

All our sports and learner participation are visually depicted in the form of action photos. It exemplifies the vitality, as well as the enjoyment of sports participation at our school.

The sports offered at Panorama Primary School are:

Summer sports:

  • Tennis
  • Mini-Cricket
  • Cricket
  • Athletics
  • Swimming (private)

Winter sports:

  • Rugby
  • Netball
  • Hockey – Boys
  • Hockey – Girls
  • Cross country

The dynamics of our 1st teams are also depicted in their respective photo compositions.

Every sports activity, exercise, and match is a platform from which we live out our values.

Our captains of various sports exemplify the values of Panorama Primary School.

Our mascot, Falkie, also communicates these values to our learners.

– Respect
– Loyalty
– Caring
– Fairness
– Trustworthiness
– Responsibility

This school is proud of its beautiful building, badge, and uniform; although we are very proud of what we do, PANORAMA LEARNERS ARE ALWAYS HUMBLE!

Our sports center is shared with schools and visitors, so everyone can experience the positive impact sport has on the learners at Panorama Primary School.