Panorama Primary School



Culture Centre

Panorama Primary School boasts its own newly built Cultural Center!

Our cultural center creates the space for our learners to participate in various cultural activities.
We strive to develop the learners’ musical talents, build confidence and give them the opportunity to take part in a large variety of concerts, Eisteddfods and exams. Each learner is taught according to his own unique abilities so that he can progress at his own pace to the maximum.

External examination institutions for which our learners enroll are Unisa, The Associated Board of the Royal Schools (UK), Trinity College of London and ALMSA (Afrikaans Light Music of South Africa).
Our learners perform at our annual music concert, as well as at Tygerberg Eisteddfod, Panorama’s own Eisteddfod (Panorama Artistico) and many invitational concerts. Despite the Covid pandemic, we presented a very successful E-concert in both 2020 and 2021 to give our learners an opportunity to showcase their talents.

It is essential that a learner maintains a balance between Academy, Culture and Sport. That is why we offer various activities within our Cultural Center. Learners are always welcome to take part in any of our cultural activities, which include musical instruments – Piano; Keyboard; Guitar; Recorder, Clarinet; Singing and Violin.

Learners are also given the opportunity to participate in Junior Choir, Senior Choir, Orff orchestra groups (juniors and seniors) and our Marimba team.