Panorama Primary School



Message from our Principal

My primary school education was completed at De Tyger Primary School, followed by matriculation at Tygerberg High School. My higher education studies were completed at Paarl Education College and at Boland Education College, both in Wellington. A postgraduate degree in the Management of Education followed at the University of South Africa.

 My teaching career began at Mikro Primary School in Kuils River, then I accepted a Department Head position at Hendrik Louw Primary School in the Strand. At Hendrik Louw Primary School, I was promoted to Deputy Principal after two years as Department Head. In August 2006, I accepted the role of Deputy Principal at Paarl Gymnasium Primary School, as well as the role of Executive School Manager.
I was appointed Principal of Panorama Primary School in 2012.
We promise our learners that every one of them is important and loved, and that we will do everything we can to select the best teachers for them, and that we will offer them the best opportunities and facilities, in order to ensure their optimal development and growth.
The staff at Panorama Primary School are motivated, positive individuals who work well together to maintain and improve our current standards. We have high expectations and standards for our learners and give them a lot of opportunities to be empowered in many areas. Teachers build self-esteem and character by instilling our values in students, namely Respect, Loyalty, Caring, Fairness, Trustworthiness, and Responsibility.
The core business of every school should be academics, but sport and culture should also play an integral role in the holistic education of every child. Each parent should motivate their child to participate in sports and culture. In this way, positive attitudes and values are engrained in sport and culture and contribute to the development of the child as a whole. Children should learn how to work together as a team. It is important for them to understand that their potential is different, but if they work together, they can achieve their full potential.
We believe in building strong relationships between parents and teachers at Panorama Primary School. Our parents deserve great recognition and appreciation. Parents play a very important role in the education and support of their children and therefore parents need to make time for their children’s education. Parents’ attention and support gives their children the foundation to build a steadfast character. Time is so limited today, but the support at home regarding academics, the introduction and emphasis of values and attitudes, and the support during sporting and cultural events, ensures the security of our learners.
It is also crucial that the school community cherishes the uniqueness of Panorama Primary School and maintains the culture of excellence. We are proud to be a school of diversity where learners from different languages, cultures, races and religions are accommodated and we, as a diverse school, can harmoniously empower our youth. Here at Panorama Primary School, our children are taught to respect each other and to build a better future. With the first big step in the secular world, it will be our children’s “Faith and Knowledge” that will assist them with a positive outlook on life.
Our community can make a difference! We invite the community to be part of our pursuit of excellence and thus remain a beacon, that produces successful young men and young women.

Panorama greetings
Anton Mostert