Panorama Primary School




At Panorama Primary School, we strongly encourages children to take part in drama lessons. Not only is the learners’ confidence, communication and listening skills boosted, but also their vocabulary.

According to a recent study by the Institute for Education in England’s unit for community research, children who participate in drama have more self-confidence in the classroom and in a social context.

The researchers compared primary schools for three years that offer drama to children between the ages of seven and eight and schools that do not. They found that the former learners showed better listening and communication skills. Those learners’ academic performance was also significantly better, they enjoyed school life more and realized the value of teamwork to achieve a goal.

“Drama is fantastic for self-esteem, creativity, spontaneity and concentration,” says Rozanne Myburgh, a drama therapist at the Lefika La Phodiso Institute in Johannesburg. “It is a process and art where you use your whole being, body and spirit to express yourself. It also helps with literacy, reading, comprehension and writing.”

Drama lessons are offered for seniors (Gr4-7) on a Thursday afternoon after school for an hour and for juniors (Gr1-3) on a Friday afternoon after school until 13:30. We have three very passionate teachers who coach our drama classes. Any learner is welcome!